Construction stages

The construction of a Mitra Tech dome house consists of several stages. Although the entire process takes much less time than the construction of a traditional house, the design guidelines must be followed. If you want to know how the construction of your dream dome house will proceed , we encourage you to read the following slides.

Reinforcement of the foundation slab

After removing the organic soil layer, we proceed to set up the outer form ring for laying the reinforcement bars at the proper distance and pouring waterproof concrete. At this stage, we also lay out the building’s installation system.

Pouring the foundation slab with C20/25 concrete

Each slab is carefully vibrated to ensure consistent consistency.

The structure of our foam concrete

This is a close-up of the mixture’s structure using our recipe. Air bubbles are visible, which provide good thermal insulation for the dome building.

Pouring the lower part of the walls

We have developed a method that does not require additional insulation layers to be laid.

Setting up the internal form and pouring the walls

At this stage, we set up the internal form at the proper distance on the previously poured foam concrete floor. At a height of 2.20 meters, a crown is constructed, allowing openings to be made anywhere without installing lintels.

Installation of the higher part of the formwork

To pour the dome building, higher sections of the form must be set up.

Completion of the building casting process

Dismantling the formwork

Depending on the weather conditions and the engineer’s professional assessment, we proceed to dismantle the formwork elements.

Open raw state

The open raw state after manual hole drilling according to the project.

Exterior architectural finishing work

Exterior architectural finishing work involves installing windows, creating exterior architectural elements, smoothing the surface, laying plaster, and covering the building with a special waterproof paint.

Completion of the developer state