How the Mitra Tech construction technology was created

After two years of research into the possibilities of building dome-shaped structures, we managed to develop a method based on optimizing construction stages, creating a monolithic building made of mineral and biodegradable materials.

Why is Mitra Tech technology so special?

In the research process, we took into account several basic technologies:

1. Building a dome from bricks – a time-consuming method, requiring the execution of internal insulation*
2. Using cut-to-size aerated concrete blocks – a too complicated system of cutting blocks (each layer of the wall would require different cutting, needing leveling of the dome; time-consuming and generates a large amount of waste)
3. Covering a blow-up balloon with concrete – a large amount of material and work is required to finish the exterior surface, requiring internal insulation*
4. Wooden construction – too many component parts of the partition with different parameters, requiring the use of impregnation, often using OSB boards, foils, etc., low thermal accumulation and moisture absorption coefficient, a small building mass, ease of pest infestation (insects, rodents) due to the multitude of connected elements, non-uniform heat transfer coefficient
5. 3D printer – the material used for printing (construction) must have a density that does not promote energy efficiency and requires internal insulation*, the print quality requires expensive processing, the size of the device and difficulty of calibration in field conditions.

Internal insulation – is a last resort as it makes it impossible to connect floors and partition walls to the main wall, significantly reduces thermal accumulation and moisture absorption, which often leads to the formation of mold and fungus. Additionally, small leaks in the insulation cause the wall to get wet inside the partition, leading to degradation of the internal insulation and hidden mold and fungus spots.
After analyzing all available technologies, it was concluded that the most advantageous solution would be a monolithic cast from homogeneous material with an appropriate thermal resistance coefficient, not requiring additional internal and external insulation, with an accumulation mass, hygroscopicity regulating humidity, and at the same time without chemical additives, easy to process, quick to execute and affordable.

In response to these requirements, the Mitra Tech construction technology was created.

It is protected by patent law.