For individual clients

With the help of our technology and tools you can build a monolithic dome for yourself.

Independent implementation guarantees the lowest price and the method of construction of the open shell of the dome is limited only to :

renting a mold, independently or with the help of a local construction company, assembling the mold on site

ordering concrete for the foundation slab and ordering foam concrete for casting the building according to the instructions.

Further implementation can be done according to our detailed design.


The buildings created are not only comfortable to live in, but also allow us to cut costs associated with heating or air conditioning. We use a minimal amount of materials for construction, making the construction of a Mitra Tech dome house a worthwhile investment.

Dome houses are unique, durable and energy-efficient buildings that attract attention with their original shape and spaciousness.

It is possible to build single buildings as well as larger buildings consisting of several domes combined in interesting and functional arrangements. We will prepare the documentation necessary for notification or obtaining a building permit. Our design office also offers individual projects depending on the needs of the client. The offer is prepared individually.



Advantages of dome houses

Mitra Tech houses are a type of building that have the shape of a spherical or semi-spherical dome. The construction of these buildings is based on one large or many smaller spheres, which are joined together to form a living space. Here are some of their features and advantages:

strength, they have a minimal number of joints and welds,
resistance to external factors,
energy efficiency,
ease and speed of construction,.
offer the possibility of later room additions,
are ecological and 100% biodegradable.
do not need to be additionally insulated (the permeability coefficient in their case is U=0.23 at 36 cm wall thickness),