Each dome house project is prepared according to the assumptions and wishes of the client. These can vary greatly, and the final appearance of the house depends on your individual preferences and needs. There are many different styles and sizes of houses that we create. Surely every investor will find the best solution for himself.

Each dome house project prepared by our architects takes into account:

– applicable regulations and guidelines specified in the development conditions or local plan
– construction materials – we make buildings from various materials. The choice depends on the client’s preferences, the style of the house, the budget and other factors, the designs of buildings whose dome is part of the building have the possibility of selecting different types of material, the dome itself can be cast from foam concrete or concrete.
– Interior layout – we can divide the dome into several rooms and levels. The choice depends on the purpose of the building,
– windows and lighting – each dome house project includes the arrangement of windows and doors so that natural light can enter the interior,
– heating and ventilation – we mainly propose underfloor systems and air source heat pump with cooling and ground heat exchangers.


Designing a dome house requires specialized knowledge and experience. Our designers understand the construction principles of this type of building and know what materials to use. They are also skilled in designing in non-standard forms. Cooperation with experienced specialists is a guarantee that the design of the dome house will meet all your expectations and will be safe and functional.



Ground floor