About us – Mitratech is a design and technology company

We offer design, consulting and technology, that is, tools for the independent construction of monolithic buildings topped with a dome (dome buildings). It is our innovative, original design and composition of materials that allow you to create a building without a building permit (35m2 construction area) in monolithic technology. We also offer to design buildings and spaces using not only the most modern knowledge but also the old ones like radiesthesia, shape radiation and golden ratio.


Dome house – design, supervision, provision of technology
– Mitra Tech company services

A dome house is mainly characterized by its non-standard, spherical form of roof and interior, which makes it an unusual and original type of building. Dome building can be made of different materials, such as concrete, wood, ceramic, glass or sheet metal, which gives many design possibilities. It should be added that our offer includes projects that use the shape of the dome to create a new, interesting object, a larger one, which is based on the dome, but has a completely new organic architecture, which also allows implementation in places where there is a local zoning plan imposing, for example, a multi-pitch roof with an angle of 25 degrees. Our buildings are distinguished by their durability, robustness and non-standard solutions. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our technology, which is designed to be available to everyone for independent implementation.

Mitra Tech

Mira Tech technology opens a new path for exterior architecture. Thanks to the innovative method of casting the building by Mitra Tech, we will achieve the following results:


  • The round shape and the dome provide the greatest possible resistance to an earthquake, fire or hurricane, and the amount of material used for construction together with the thermal resistance coefficient of the partition guarantees the best energy efficiency.
  • the possibility of building a building (i.e. foundation, walls and roof) in monolithic technology,
  • no need to insulate the building,
  • replacing heavy building materials with light ones,
  • eliminating heavy construction equipment,
  • simplicity of execution,
  • the possibility of building a house in a closed shell in a short time, within 7 days (with appropriate weather conditions),
  • obtaining a minimum number of construction stages and the necessary materials,
  • no need to transport heavy prefabricated elements to the construction site,
  • no need to design prefabricated structural elements for transport,
  • all construction elements are manufactured on destination place,
  • no joints in the building structure give additional strength.

Our mission

is to create the design and tools

“If an idea isn’t crazy from the outset, there’s no hope for it.” – Albert Einstein

It’s impossible to create anything new by sticking to old patterns. You have to think outside of what seems familiar. Development is necessary in every aspect of life. Diversity makes the world interesting. Modernity, ergonomics, and aesthetics please the observer’s eye. Keeping these characteristics in mind, Mitra Tech has created a monolithic dome building that meets current standards.

“Creating complicated things from simple things is quite common, while creating simple ones from complicated things is creativity” — Charles Mingus

Our mission is to offer people the possibility of building optimal, energy-efficient, remotely operated and economical buildings in the simplest and fastest way. Mitratech technology provides customers with a unique opportunity to create unique monolithic buildings, distinguished not only by unique architecture, but also modern installations of the future.

With the help of our tools you will build and finish your own building yourself or with the help of a local company because we have created a technology that is very simple and gives great opportunities to reduce construction costs.


  • infrared heating,
  • induction heating,
  • recuperation,
  • automatic window shutters,
  • photovoltaic cells,
  • energy storage,
  • smart home system,
  • water treatment systems,
  • own water intake,
  • collecting rainwater,
  • wastewater treatment,
  • ground heat exchangers,
  • hybrid system,
  • normobaria.

Mitra Tech is constantly evolving, creating new projects and technological solutions.

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